Journal 004: First day in Cali

By November 20, 2011 No Comments

….today has definitely been an exciting day to say the least. I arrived to Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Airport last night around 9pm, waiting to be received by more family members than there were passengers. Once we went through all the long awaited extended greetings we managed to climb aboard a rented mini-bus and crossed the city towards my grandparents apartment where we are going to stay. If at all possible when traveling to another country stay with family. Nothing beats the comfort of familiar settings and your own bedroom is always a sweet perk.

Pesos Colombianos

Taxi Colombiano

Now aside from inside the apartment everything else is completely different. Starting with me needing to change my dollars to pesos, which I still havent figured out completely but the new peso bills look pretty amazing. Also getting around is more efficiently done in taxi’s, which currently this small type of taxi have started taking over the city.  Also, the internet connection here isn’t very stable so I’ll be keeping these short.


Regardless, having friends and family guide you around certainly makes adjusting easier. Today’s plan was one thing and one thing only: Celebrate my grandfather’s 90th, and that we DID. With 100+ family members, and I’m not talking 4th cousin twice removed, these were all brothers, sisters, immediate cousins and descendants those, of my grandfather (Sure it helps that he is one of 14). Starting off with a some delicious lunch (see pic below) around noon and continuing all the way until around 10pm. Full of Mariachis, speeches, music, toasts and a video presentation of my grandfather’s life by your’s truly. So many friendly faces, so many new faces, and honestly, so many faces I didn’t remember, its really been TOO long. Everything has gone spectacularly…no if I could just talk everything would be perfect. As soon as I landed I’ve been seriously “ronco”, its happened once before but hopefully I won’t loose my voice completely, I NEED TO COMMUNICATE, talk, catch up, share, learn….we’ll have to wait and see. On that note I’m gonna get some Z’s. Signing off from laptop, until the next post.